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Forklift Training Advice for Employers - Top Tips from the Pros

Forklift training is an important and necessary part of any workplace. Employers must ensure their employees are properly trained on the safe use of forklifts to avoid injuries, time off due to illness, and potential damage to goods or equipment. Learn the essential tips you need for successful forklift training here.

Understand the Regulations Regarding Forklift Operation.

Before you even think of hiring an instructor or signing up for a forklift training course, it’s important that employers understand what the regulations regarding forklift operation are. HSE standards apply to any equipment powered by an internal combustion engine and motorized materials-handling equipment. Make sure to familiarize yourself with what is required for proper operator certification.

Choose an Appropriate Training Method.

You’ll need to decide on the best method for training your employees for forklift operations. There are a variety of courses, including training onsite or in our training centre in Aberdeen. Group classes (maximum of 3 people) can be more cost effective and may be beneficial if multiple employees need enrollment at once. However, individual instruction should be considered if an employee needs additional one-on-one attention to ensure safe operation.

Ensure That Operators Have the Necessary Skills and Knowledge.

It's important for operators to have the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate a forklift. Before allowing an employee to drive a forklift, you should ensure they understand proper safety procedures and have the necessary qualifications or certifications. New workers should receive adequate instruction from experienced trainers, both in a classroom and on-site. Operators also need refresher courses as needed and recommended by HSE to maintain their skills and stay safe on the job.

Supervise Drivers During Training to Check for Understanding and Ability.

It can be difficult to determine if an employee has full understanding of all the safety protocols just through classroom instruction. Along with theory-based training, employers should also provide practical onsite training sessions with qualified trainers who will observe and supervise operators to check for understanding and ability while they operate a forklift. This helps to ensure that the employee understands safety legislation and safe operating procedures, as well as actually knowing how to operate the forklift truck correctly. Trainers can correct any unsafe or incorrect practices right away in a controlled environment and instill the importance of following protocol at all times.

Schedule Regular Refresher Courses and Assessments.

A three to five year refresher course is a HSE recommendation, but more frequent assessments are also recommended. Regular assessments can help your employees stay on top of safety legislation and going over the fundamentals over and over again is an important part of creating a safety culture in your organization. It’s even better if you have an experienced third-party assessor check for compliance with safety laws once or twice per year, as this will help identify any problem areas that need to be addressed quickly.

You can book a forklift operator training with us, training could be provided on your site or in our training centre in Aberdeen.

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