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Can you provide forklift training at our business premises?

Yes, forklift training could be provided at your premises or our premises. For novice operators it would be beneficial to use the same forklift truck they will be using after the training.

Who are the forklift instructors?

All our forklift instructors are fully qualified and accredited. Relative industry knowledge and skill to operate the type of forklift truck used in the training is the must have.

Do you provide forklift training in the training centre?

Yes, we do provide forklift training in our training centre in Aberdeen (10 minutes’ drive from Aberdeen airport). Training courses are designed for novice operators, experienced - not certified, experienced - certified (refresher course) and experienced - certified on different type of forklift truck (conversion course). Forklift training is offered to private, self-funded individuals and to businesses training their staff. 

What kind of payment
options do you offer?

Private, self- funded individuals and new business customers need to make an online payment at the time of booking. 

For our current regular customers from website, the payment conditions stay the same. You will have a premium account.

New business customers can apply for a premium account.

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