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At Forklift Instructor LTD, we provide the highest quality onsite forklift training services in Aberdeen, Scotland.

With our team of certified instructors, we will help ensure your team is equipped with the necessary skills to use their forklifts safely and effectively.

With our wide variety of forklift training courses and dedicated team of instructors, we make learning easy, affordable and fun. Check out our website to learn about forklift training on your site, check instructors availability and book online.  Get instant online quote for onsite forklift training in Aberdeen.


Forklift instructor training

Counterbalance B1, B2 and B3 forklift training for beginners and experienceced operators. 

What is B1, B2 or B3 Counterbalance forklift truck? 

B1 certificate allows to operate a counterbalance forklift truck with capacity up to and including 5000kg.

B2 certificate allows to operate a counterbalance trucks with  capacity 5001kg. -15000kg (including 15000kg.)

B3 certificate allows to operate a counterbalance trucks with over 15000kg.

Telescopic handler training


Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right instructor who can easily adapt to your learning style, skill level, and goals for growth. Through our highly personalized approach, we provide exactly that for teach of our learners.

We will guide you through to get instant online quote and then easy booking process. Please answer the questions as best to your

however if you will need some help or advise on how and which course to book, send us an email, message here or give us a call. Start enquiring about forklift training in our training center with a press of a button below:

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About Forklift Instructor LTD

Since opening our doors in 2019, we’ve worked hard on expanding our curriculum to meet the needs of emerging industries. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you with your forklift training needs in Aberdeen, in Scotland or anywhere in United Kingdom.

If you are a self-funded individual looking to learn new or expand your skills to stand out with a forklift truck certificate and change your career you are in the right place, because we are simply the best and affordable. The use of technology helped us to be flexible in a current climate and prepared us for any future situations, while adhering to the guidance and keeping everyone safe.

Forklift training courses could be provided at your place of business on the same forklift truck the operator will be using after the course, if that is not an option, then forklift training could be provided in our Aberdeen training centre.

For more information and to book a forklift operator course in Aberdeen training centre start below.

Flexible and Dynamic Learning Experience

Forklift Instructor LTD provides an enriched and flexible learning environment for forklift operators, because younger generation learns better with the help of technology and older generation prefers the usual way. The theoretical part of the course delegate can choose to complete at our training centre, onsite or online combined with practical forklift training at your site or our site. That has helped countless new and experienced operators, businesses and us to get ahead in a safe manner during pandemic. 

Every day we come across new challenges and learn new lessons, mistakes are just the potholes in any learning path. 

We do everything possible to create the best booking and learning experience, while keeping forklift training prices affordable.

To find out the prices, availability and more information about the forklift training on your site.

Start enquiring now

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

When you join a course at Forklift Instructor LTD, you can start using your new skills right away. We believe in only teaching necessary content, which means everything you learn will be practical and easy to apply. We’re very flexible with course times and schedules, so if you can’t find something that works for you, simply get in touch


Our mission is to provide quality forklift operator training courses and a friendly learning environment. We focus on empowering people by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help reach their goals. With our uniquely practical and straightforward approach, participants can begin applying their new skills after just one forklift training course.

Creating a Brighter Future

We are committed to spirited learning, growth and professional development. We empower our students to ask insightful questions, explore disciplinary boundaries, and confront conventional ways of thinking. We invite you to learn more about Forklift Instructor LTD and discover an education built for you.

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Forklift Instructor LTD

Forklift Instructor LTD is private limited company. Company number – SC627578. Incorporated on 12 of April 2019 in Scotland with registered office address in Greenburn Drive, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB21 9ER and training venue in Blackburn, Aberdeen AB21 0SB

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